Textbook Roulette: Volume I

I saved a fair number of my textbooks from both my undergraduate and graduate management careers. Since I haven’t moved since I graduated, there hasn’t really been an incentive for me to get rid of them. I thought it would be fun to take a look back and see if any of what I learned has been applicable in the almost six years since then. Thus, Textbook Roulette!

Book: Marketing Management: Eleventh Edition
Author: Philip Kotler
Course: MGM602, MBA Intro to Marketing (best guess)
Page Randomly Opened To: 202-203, we’ll look at pages 200-207 for the sake of topic continuity

Synopsis of Pages:

Under the heading of ‘analyzing marketing opportunities’, this section of text discusses the buying decision process including buying roles (initiator, influencer, decider, buyer, user), types of buying behavior (complex, disonance-reducing, habitual, variety-seeking), and stages of the buying decision process (problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, post-purchase behavior).

Is it relevant? Have I used it?

(I promise that the page flip was completely random.)

Yes! These are concepts that I use on a near daily basis, particularly in the B2B marketing world that I have been employed in. As a database marketing manager for a large, multi-channel B2B entity, I spent hours of my life thinking about the nuances between influencers, deciders, buyers and users and how that impacts mail/other channel contact strategy. Who is most important between those four groups? Catering to which group gets you the highest $/book return? What is the right balance of contacting each of those audiences?

In my current role at a different B2B supplier, I spend so much time working with/thinking about working with our sales organization on the steps to a purchase decision. As we’ve discussed previously, how do you increase the conversion percentage on each step of the funnel? These purchase decision questions are just a different way of structuring the funnel.

I am, honestly, kind of shocked that right out of the gate, textbook roulette has validated my education by proving that there are useful, applicable concepts in these books.

Textbook Roulette Cumulative Score: 1/1

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