From a social commentary perspective, there are a lot of things that can be said about Oreo’s facebook photo this past week-end that have already been said by better writers and more reliable commentary sources, mainly how great it is for such an enormous corporation to have taken such a public stand.

Screengrab from Oreo facebook page

From a marketing perspective, I have to wonder if Oreo knew what they were doing here – since I grabbed the above screencap, the numbers have gone up; this photo has been “liked” almost a quarter of a million times and shared close to 70k times. This photo has made the rounds of a variety of online and on air news sources and has sparked conversation and controversy around a cookie that is, literally, 100 years old. This has been, possibly, the most fervent discussion about baked goods since Atkins. Was that the intent? Or was Oreo just stepping out in support of pride week-end?

The other thing I love, more than anything, about this photo is the disclaimer at the bottom, “Made with creme colors that do not exist.” You’ve got to love covering yourself legally while starting a media storm.

2 thoughts on “Oreo

  1. Oh, come on, they’re a massive corporation. That’s a huge move. They
    know exactly what they’re doing. Sure, they’re stepping out in support of Pride, but they’re also making a more general statement that this is part of their brand belief system. Somebody had the idea. Somebody else made the art. Somebody else cleared it. This wasn’t a rogue Social Media Manager being clever with PhotoShop.

  2. Perhaps I didn’t articulate my question clearly. I completely agree that this wasn’t a rogue social media manager, that it was a sweeping company statement. My question was more around, have we finally figured out the formula to “make” something go viral? And, sure, Oreo knew this was a big move and knew it was going to get attention, but did they anticipate the scale to which this blew up? How many companies have made, what they see as “big moves” that were largely ignored?

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