Good Work Target!

Everyone loves Target, right? They’ve got such a hold on the “well I’ll just stop by to grab hair product and toothpaste but everything here is actually cute and fashionable so, oh no, now I’ve spent $100, drat” market, it’s quite impressive. It’s an interesting feat that they’ve accomplished – being a “big box” store, but really catering to those of us that think we’re too good to be shopping in a big box store (but aren’t, obviously). I will also spend time, at some point, marveling at the homeruns some of their designer collaborations have been.

Today, though, something quick – while out with my mom last week, I saw this:

So smart, right? I’ve never seen that before – oral care right next to the candy aisle. It’s equal parts efficient cross-sell, social commentary, and shame inducing.

Well done Target!